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This Appendix lists the honours and awards earned by personnel of the Corps of Signals between 15 August 1947 and 31 December 1972. It includes personnel who were serving with non-signal units, on staff and on attachment or deputation. The list has been divided in two parts. Part I contains gallantry awards while Part II covers awards for distinguished service. Some awards for the 1971 war were given in 1972. These have been included in the list.

The lists have been prepared based on inputs from the Military’s Secretary’s Branch and Directorate General of Signals in Army HQ; Signals Records; the Corps Museum; and lists published in the Signalman. There are several discrepancies in the lists, with regard to the rank, spelling of the name and date of award, especially in the case of awards for distinguished service. An attempt has been made to correct these by referring to the unit war dairies and interaction with the concerned personnel. However, some inconsistencies could not be resolved, which the reader is requested to overlook.


Mahavir Chakra

IC-3999           Brig                 K.S. Gowrishankar                             1971

IC-993             Brig                 H.S. Kler                                             1971

Vir Chakra

IC-583             Maj                  H.S.  Bains                                          1948

6280652          Sigmn              D.C. Dhilan                                         1962

6263784          L/Hav              K.G. George                                       1965

IC-15842         Capt                P.K. Ghosh                                         1971

Ashoka Chakra Class III

IC-7833           2/Lt                 J.K. Grover                                         1957


Sena Medal

6265267          Sigmn              G.R. Das                                             1960

6273136          Sigmn              Tejwant Singh                                     1961

IC-12066         Lt                    Lal Singh                                             1962

6261901          L/Nk                Gulbadan Singh                                  1963

6237987          Hav                 Lekh Raj                                             1965

IC-7346           Maj                  B.K. Mathur                                        1966

JC-31047         Nb Sub            Karnail Singh                                      1966

6262894          Nk                   T.K. Sen                                              1966

IC-16951         2/Lt                 N.C. Gupta                                         1968

6251686          L/Nk                M.G. Ezhuthachan                              1968

IC-5999           Maj                  N. Kovoor                                           1969

6269040          Hav                 M.D Bhardwaj                                                1969

IC-1583           Lt Col              E.N. Ramadoss                                   1969
IC-10144         Lt Col              Vinay Khanna                                     1971

IC-21768         Lt Col              G.P. Singh                                           1971

IC-26510         2/Lt                 M.S.A Rasheed                                  1971

IC-23167         Lt                    Bibhishan Singh                                  1972

IC-23002         Lt                    Suresh Rajan                                       1972

JC-42031         Nb Sub            Mehtab Singh                                      1972

JC-20128         Sub                  P.J.D. Sundara            Raju                            1972
JC-32525         Sub                  Gian Singh                                          1972

JC-60205         Nb Sub            Bhagat Singh                                      1972

6265282          Hav                 K.N. Sharma                                       1972

6271672          Hav                 Bakhshish Singh                                 1972


6275350          L/Hav              K.P. Singh                                           1972

6265946          Nk                   Vithal Dass                                         1972

6875708          Nk                   Vasant Pawar                                      1972

6278578          Nk                   Gopal Singh                                        1972

6289730          Nk                   P.V. Ramanaiah                                  1972

6300166          L/Nk                Deepa Ram                                         1972

6318807          L/Nk                B.S. Sigee                                           1972

6319787          L/Nk                Mahanga Singh                                   1972

6320496          L/Nk                K. Vasavan                                         1972

6357950          L/Nk                Venu Naidu                                        1972

6321546          Sigmn              R.N.S. Patel                                        1972

6355227          L/Nk                Dharmiyan Singh                                1972

6371287          L/Nk                Virendra Kumar                                  1972

6479248          Sigmn              K.P. Pandey                                        1972


Padma Bhushan

IC-307             Lt Col              P.N. Luthra                                         1972

Param Vishisht Seva Medal

IC-2130           Maj Gen          S.N. Antia                                           1965

IC-446             Lt Gen             R.N. Batra, OBE                                1966

IC-89               Lt Gen             A.C. Iyappa, MBE                              1968

IC-414             Lt Gen             I.D. Verma                                          1970

IC-795             Lt Gen             E.G. Pettengell, MBE                         1971


Vishisht Seva Medal Class-II/Ati Vishisht Seva Medal

IC-993             Lt Col              H.S. Kler                                             1965

IC-796             Maj Gen          R.Z. Kabraji                                        1967

IC-845             Brig                 G.S. Sidhu                                          1971

IC-520             Brig                 K.K. Tewari                                        1972

IC-2925           Brig                 J.S. Nanda                                           1972

IC-1888           Brig                 S.L. Juneja                                          1972

Vishisht Seva Medal

6257952          Nk                   Chhankar Singh                                  1963

JC-29367         Sub                  N.B. Nair                                            1969

IC-2603           Lt Col              P.D. Sawhney                                                 1970

SL-212            Lt Col              Achhar Singh                                      1971

SL-11              Maj                  Sardar Singh                                      1971

SL-28              Lt Col              V.M. Anantharaman                           1972

IC-3205           Lt Col              P.R. Gangadharan                               1972

IC-10868         Lt Col              S.P. Malik                                           1972

IC-5327           Lt Col              A. Kumar                                            1972

IC-7017           Maj                  S.G. Mookerjee                                   1972

IC-10483         Maj                  J.R. Sethi                                             1972

IC-20636         Capt                S.B. Mathur                                        1972

IC-22476         Capt                P.J. Anthony                                       1972

JC-60254         Nb Sub            P.C. Awasthi                                       1972

6309693          L/Nk                Hari Chand                                         1972

IC-5394           Lt Col              P.C. Bhalla                                          1972


IC-5905           Lt Col              P.S. Talwar                                          1972

IC-4851           Lt Col              R. Mohan                                            1972

IC-5845           Lt Col              B.K. Bhandari                                     1972

IC-2301           Lt Col              R.M. Rajan                                          1972

IC-6127           Lt Col              B.P. Murgai                                         1972

IC-12435         Maj                  M.L. Dutta                                          1972

IC-7600           Lt Col              A. Verma                                            1972

SL-145            Maj                  Kartar Singh                                        1972


John Adam said...

Good information and great post.  I like the website, and am sure to keep returning.
books on the cold war

saffronbandit said...

For your kind information , IC-308 Lt Gen(then Maj Gen) MN Batra was awarded the PVSM on 26th Jan 1972. He was commissioned in the Corps of Signals in Sept 1939.
Kindly amend your records accordingly.

saffronbandit said...

For your kind information , IC-308 Lt Gen(then Maj Gen) MN Batra was awarded the PVSM on 26th Jan 1972. He was commissioned in the Corps of Signals in Sept 1939.
Kindly amend your records accordingly.

saffronbandit said...

For your kind information , IC-308 Lt Gen(then Maj Gen) MN Batra was awarded the PVSM on 26th Jan 1972. He was commissioned in the Corps of Signals in Sept 1939.
Kindly amend your records accordingly.